15-Year-Old Ohio Girl Breaks Largest Wild-Caught Blue Catfish State Record

A 15-year-old Ohio girl is making headlines with a record-breaking catch — a giant blue catfish that’s practically her size. Jaylynn Parker of New Richmond was fishing in the Ohio River with her father and a family friend on Sunday when she hooked the massive 101-pound fish. Photos captured on that day show Jaylynn holding the catfish over her knee … Click Here to Read More

Three Monster Bass Caught On The Same Day in Texas

Three Texas fishermen reel in monster bass on the same day. Each of the giant fish weighed more than 13 pounds. Three anglers reeled in huge largemouth bass on different lakes in Texas on the same day this week. Per the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Toyota ShareLunker Program, three “Legacy Class ShareLunkers” were caught in different regions of the … Click Here to Read More

Record Blue Catfish Caught in Texas Lake

Texas fisherman catches record-breaking blue catfish at lake Ariana Garcia 1/27/24 – Chron.com – A skilled fisherman is being recognized by state officials for catching a record-breaking blue catfish on a Texas lake earlier this month. On Jan. 15, angler and fishing guide Ricardo Garza hooked the “behemoth” on Falcon Lake, an 84,000-acre reservoir on the Rio Grande located 40 … Click Here to Read More

Fisherman earns over $100K for catching, removing problematic species from rivers

I want that Job! PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – A fisherman in Oregon has earned six figures for removing thousands of problematic fish from the state’s rivers this summer, officials have confirmed. The angler, who was taking part in the 2023 Northern Pikeminnow Sport-Reward Program, had specifically caught 10,755 of the fish during the five-month season, earning a total of $107,800, … Click Here to Read More

Argentine Fisherman Catches 550-Pound Freshwater Short Tail Stingray

A fisherman from Argentina has landed in the record books after catching a 550-pound freshwater stingray in the Paraná River on Wednesday. Andrés Wilchen, 42, told the media that the battle to land the fish was so tiring he almost gave up. “I was about to give up due to exhaustion,” Wilchen told the media, according to the New York … Click Here to Read More